Colombia Check MIG is Needed Prior to Departure

Among travelers, Colombia is regarded as a cultural destination not to be missed. In order to visit, though, all travelers need to make sure they have the proper paperwork in place.

One of the documents they will need is the Check MIG form for Colombia. Here’s what they should know to get this before they travel.

What is the Colombia Check MIG?

The Colombia Check MIG form is required because of COVID-19. It may ask all sorts of questions about a traveler’s vaccination status, previous COVID exposures, travel, and more.

The form also asks for some contact information in case the Colombian government wants to get ahold of travelers after they arrive in the country.

This may occur if the traveler was exposed to COVID during transit to Colombia. Or if the traveler is in danger while in the country.

The form offers Colombia some additional border control. It ensures that travelers who arrive have plans to leave the country on time and that they have the necessary visa for entry.

The Check MIG form also speeds border crossings so people don’t have to stand around close to each other at the border and risk COVID infection.

Finally, it minimizes contact between border control staff and travelers. This protects everyone, especially the staff because they process so many travelers every day.

Do All Travelers Need the Check MIG for Colombia?

All travelers who are entering and leaving Colombia need to apply for the Check-MIG.

That’s right – travelers will need to apply for it twice – once upon entering and again when they get ready to go home.

Even Colombian nationals need to get an approved Check MIG in order to enter or leave their home country.

Where Can Travelers Apply for the Colombia Check MIG?

The Colombian government offers a website where travelers can apply for their Check MIG. There is also an app, but the website has fewer issues than the app does.

What Do Travelers Need to Apply for the Check MIG?

Travelers need to have a few things in place before they can apply for their Check MIG for Colombia.

First, they need to have a valid passport from their home country. This needs at least 6 additional months of validity past the day on which they are entering Colombia.

If it does not have this, they should get it renewed before they apply for the Check MIG and before they try to enter Colombia.

Travelers who need a visa in order to enter Colombia need to have that approved and in hand, because the Check MIG will ask them for information from it.

If they need a visa but don’t have it yet, they will need to obtain it before they can complete the Check MIG application and enter Colombia.

Travelers also need to have booked a flight to and from Colombia. They will need to enter flight numbers and confirm the flight they are taking on the form.

Finally, travelers will need to have already booked their accommodations in Colombia, or will need to prove that they have a place to stay while they are in the country.

The form may also ask about information related to COVID-19. The requested information is subject to change based on Colombia’s COVID status and rules regarding travel.

Travelers who have been vaccinated should have proof of that vaccination. Visitors who have had COVID recently should have a letter from a medical professional stating that.

These may not be required, but it is better to have them and not need them than to need them and not have them ready.

Travelers may also be asked for information on their background, previous trips, criminal history, political affiliations and more.

They will need to answer all of these questions honestly, even if the answers are not flattering or endanger their chances of entering Colombia.

Travelers who are found to have lied on their Check MIG will not be allowed to enter Colombia.

Travelers also need to ensure that every piece of data they enter on the form is accurate and, when necessary, matches what is on their passport.

If they make a mistake, they will need to edit their info before they submit the form. If they have already submitted it, they will need to start the process over.

Is it Easy to Get a Check MIG for Colombia Approved?

In general, travelers who have all of the necessary documentation and who leave at least 72 hours for their Check MIG to get approved don’t have trouble with it.

However, actually getting the app or the website to work properly can be difficult.

Travelers report all sorts of problems with their experience. They say that the site won’t load, that it deletes information, or that it doesn’t translate some fields out of Spanish.

Others say that the form submitted fine, but they never received anything and there’s no record that they completed it.

Even others say that the data for their confirmed flight to Colombia does not show up on or is not accepted by the form, even though they are copying it directly from their itinerary.

Natvisa offers some solutions to these problems.

Overall, most travelers to Colombia find that they can, eventually, get their Check MIG form submitted and approved.

Visitors should apply at the earliest possible moment and make sure they have plenty of time to get the system to work. Applying at the last minute is not encouraged.

How Long Will Colombia Require the Check MIG?

No one knows how long Colombia will require an approved Check MIG for entry into the country. If the pandemic is ever declared “over”, it might disappear then.

However, expediting the border process and giving the government more information about travelers is in Colombia’s best interests.

Therefore, the form may be a permanent change that will always be required when visiting Colombia, from this time forward.

Travelers can hope that Colombia fixes their Check MIG application process so that it becomes less buggy and works as designed more regularly.

Visitors to Colombia should be prepared for this process to not change, though, as that is not guaranteed. They will need to learn to work as easily as possible with the current system.

Do Travelers Still Need a Visa to Colombia?

The Check MIG is not a visa or any other type of permission needed to enter Colombia. It is essential to get into the country, but alone it is not enough.

The type of permission that a traveler needs to enter Colombia depends on their nationality. Some travelers can get permission to enter Colombia at the border.

Others will need to get a visa. Even for simple and straightforward trips for the purpose of touring or vacationing in the country.

A traveler’s purpose for visiting Colombia will also help determine whether they need a visa.

Visitors from some countries, for instance, can get permission to enter at the border if they are traveling as tourists but will need a visa if visiting for business or another reason.

Every traveler needs to make sure they have the correct type of travel permission before visiting Colombia. Most can find this information online.

Travelers who are still not sure what they need in order to enter Colombia should contact the Colombian embassy or consulate in their home country well before they travel.

That way, they can determine what they need and ensure that they have it before they try to enter the country.

The Check MIG for Colombia is one essential type of travel approval that is necessary for entering the country. Travelers can apply online today and visit Colombia soon.

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