Every year millions of tourists travel to Colombia in order to visit the most amazing places that our country has. Not being the exception, Santa Marta falls in the eyes of those curious travelers, -like you-, who choose to meet one of the most mythical places of the Colombian Caribbean the “Lost City of

Long time ago, with the creation of terrestrial life, a land of a peaceful and noble indigenous race was born in South America, with the natural wealth of kings and the wisdom of the gods. A place with a culture rooted in family and nature. Sometimes, it is incredible to see, how simple things before

Have you ever visited a place that has made you feel so excited as for calling your boss and ask for a few more days of vacation? Surely!, in effect there is nothing more relaxing than getting out of the rut and exploring new things. Besides, it is obviously that if you are in Santa

It’s 9:30 in the morning, we are exploring a new route in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, walking the paths of the sidewalk Perico Aguao, it begins to register the flora of the territory, that vibrates to The light of the sun with particular expression. After an hour of gentle steep trek, traditional Kogui

The wind blows soft, penetrating… Ocarinas in the distance rejoice the life of the Tayro Town (original name of the great nation Tayrona), is a time of abundance, harmony, found a paradise on earth, a chain of natural pyramids, with all thermal floors possible for Cultivation of fruits and vegetables, the Mountains provided excellent hunting