The Lost City


The Lost City


The Lost City


The Lost City



ToursLost City 4 days tour

Estimated walking time per day: 6.5 km / 3.5-4.0 hrs approx :::: * Fifth day. 13.0 km
Tropical moist: climatic zone
Altitude: 900-1200 m
Degree of difficulty: 4.0 to 5.0
Departing: Daily.


General information:

The Lost City was discovered in 1976 by a group of archaeologists from the Colombian Institute of Anthropology headed by Gilberto Cadavid and Luisa Fernanda Herrera. Recent archaeological research in 2006 on the site indicate that this city was founded around 660 A.D. and was abandoned between 1550 to 1600 A.D. It is one of the most important cities of the 250 Tayrona villages discovered on the north and northeast part of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. In the surrounding area, 26 villages were found, and in some of these sites archaeological excavations were carried out. It is located between 900 to 1200 meters high on the heights of the Cerro Correa in the northern region of the Sierra Nevada, on the right bank of the Rio Buritaca. This region is called Teyuna by the natives and, therefore, its full name is Archaeological Park of the Lost City – Teyuna. The site has complex construction systems, cobbled roads, stairs and walls linked by a series of terraces and platforms on which have been built ceremonial centers, homes and pantries. All structures discovered so far occupy an area of about 35 hectares. Since it has been discovered, all the area has been run by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology as a National Archaeological Park.


Program description:


1. First day

8:30 am Departure from the hotel.
If you have large bags or valuables, you can leave them to the Magic Tour office; we have a special place and a safe to keep them.
Departure in jeep for about three hours to the town called Machete Pelao.
12:00pm Light lunch in the village before the trek. Walk for 30 minutes to a natural pool where you can swim and enjoy nature. Then begins the walk for three hours to the Alfredo hut where you will spend the first night in hammocks with mosquito nets and wool blankets. A full meal is prepared and before resting, the guide will find the whole group to make a briefing about the next day.


2. Second day

The next day, depending on the temperature and the information guide gave last night, get up on time to eat a full breakfast and get ready to start the walk to the hut two. Depending on the time of year and the stars, we can visit the town Kogui Mutanzi. They still live in the traditional manner, protecting their culture and beliefs. You must know and respect the way they live and for Magic Tour is very important to carry passengers on respect and knowledge of indigenous culture. After a short break to meet them (if possible), you continue the walk for three hours to reach the hut two, in this place is the river Buritaca. Enjoy free time to swim in the river and enjoy nature. After a walk of more or less 4 hours, you arrive at the hut Mamo Romualdo the highest religious authority of the natives from this region, if you are lucky you will have the opportunity to talk to him and learn more about their culture and customs or ask some advice for you same. During the tour you will be escorted by your guide who will report the permissible subjects and things that may come to disturb our older brothers as they call for us Westerners. Magic Tour have several years working with indigenous communities in this area and we also want our passengers to see the importance of preserving the privileged contact is allowing live with their culture. That night they go to sleep in the hut Romualdo (or hut three) to get there you have to cross a river on four occasions to keep your bathing suit near to pause refreshing. The information session will be very special that night; we barely at an hour from the Lost City, the tour guide will explain the course of the next day to reach the City Teyuna.


3. Third day

The third day, get up early to get to the Lost City located at 1200 meters above sea level and after climbing 1200 steps to get there, an incredible feeling will overwhelm you, all knowledge of a culture that is hid to survive Spanish invasion, an incredible place in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. For about three hours, the guide will give information about the building, the way of life of indigenous people up there, the knowledge of that culture, and much more. Then a free time will be allowed to take pictures and enjoy the landscape. Leaving the site you will walk back to the hut two where you will spend the third and last night in the Sierra Nevada.


4. Fourth day

The fourth and final day, rise early to return to Mamey by a walk of about 6 or 7 hours. From there, a special lunch will be prepared and will be a unique moment to enjoy and converse with your fellow walkers on the amazing experience you just live in the Sierra Nevada. The jeep will be waiting to bring you back again to Santa Marta or Taganga between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

*Subject to conditions.


Services included:

Transport, local guide, food, accommodation in hammocks/beds/tents, entrance in the archaeological site, contribution to indigenous communities and natives, mules to carry the food and travel insurance.


PRICE: 850,000 COP P/P



PAYPAL for foreign currency (USD) – PAYU for local currency (COP).


PAYU 20%